We are Explore Space Branson.

Explore Space is a dynamic exhibit that will be ever growing, expanding and improving to better achieve its goals and sphere of influence. These goals include advocacy for continued robust robotic and human space flight and the inspiration of a new generation to adopt those STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines that are essential for this continued exploration. Additionally it is hoped that by presenting the history making achievements of the “Golden Age of Space” that individuals are encouraged to once again adopt those values and disciplines that allowed our nation to achieve its goal of reaching the moon in a single decade.

Explore Space is well connected with recognized and credible organizations such as NASA, Scope, the Apollo One Foundation, the Astronaut Walk of Fame, the St. Louis Science Center and the Astronaut Memorial Foundation. Explore Space also has many friends in the aerospace community including astronauts, NASA personnel, aerospace engineers and commercial space entrepreneurs. Many of these will be visiting the attraction. These associations will insure that Explore Space is and will continue to be a world class destination and will remain on the cutting edge of space technology.
Explore Space boasts a vast collection of world class artifacts from private collections, aerospace industry and NASA. This collection is constantly expanding and will guarantee that repeat visitors will see something different and new each time. Interactive displays demonstrating space sciences are assured to educate and entertain visitors of all ages.

It is hoped that the huge venue enjoyed in Branson will allow The Space Museum through Explore Space to generate the revenue necessary to positively impact the Branson community, Missouri and ultimately all of humankind. It is our desire to work closely with area schools in order to provide hands-on educational programs and assemblies so that the children can see and feel the artifacts and comprehend the awe of space exploration. One day these same children might become world changers and history makers.

Since Explore Space is a not-for-profit organization, the visitor can take pride knowing that every dime they spend with us will ultimately be returned to the community through museum outreach.

In addition to our education and outreach activities, it is also our desire to attract the New Space commercial companies to the Branson area. There is no reason why Branson could not become the gateway for Midwest commercial spaceflight. A lofty goal perhaps but it is one that epitomizes the desire of the organization. We encourage all to dream big, work hard and then watch those dreams become reality!